Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scrollbar Behaviour for Director 10 & 11

I posted this on the Director Mailing List the other day but thought I should also get it online elsewhere so that everyone has access. What I've created is a scrollbar behaviour that emulates the scrollbar object found in the now dead OSControls Xtra. So all properties, methods and events from the old #OSscrollbar object are now supported by this new scrollbar behaviour. For more information see the following links...

View example movie (Shockwave 11 required)
Download example source code (Director 11 only)

Download the Scrollbar Behaviour for Director 10
Download the Scrollbar Behaviour for Director 11
Download the Scrollbar photoshop CS3 template

Current Version: 1.0b8-19Jun08

If you need help with the Scrollbar Behaviour just leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


AstrO said...

Version 1.0b7-19Jun08

Release Notes:

- Fixed value becoming a negative in certain situations (caused display issues with #field members)
- Fixed an execution order bug which would send an update command before setting the scrollTop value of a linked field/text member
- Up and down functions now scroll by line when a field/text member is selected (the amount of lines scrolled can be set by pScrollAmount)

AstrO said...

Version 1.0b8-19Jun08

Release Notes:

- Fixed scrollbar displaying enabled state on startup when linked to a member and scrollMember.height is less than scrollMember.pageHeight

Anonymous said...

Hello astro. Thanks for posting this custom behavior. I was looking for it.
My question is, how can i use this to my custom graphics?

AstrO said...

Hi Pixelrise,

In the example above all you would need to do is replace the member "scrollbar_layout" with one containing your image layout. Just make sure you follow the layout pictured in the Photoshop CS3 template document (also found above).

Note that I have also posted some extra files to the Directorforum Collaboration Wiki that may help and they can be found on the following page... http://collab.directorforum.com/Scrollbar_Behavior