Thursday, September 16, 2004

Oct WonderLAN: Quake 3 Competition

If some of you can remember back to the old days (some 2+ years ago), I ran some competitions at WonderLAN with the idea of getting people to play games other than Counter Strike. I'm looking to start this off again and thought the October LAN would be a good place to start. The game I've chosen is Quake 3 but I though I'd get some feedback about what mode people would prefer.

If you would like to give me some feedback as to which of the following games modes you would prefer to play in a competition that would be great. The possible game modes I've choose are:

  • Quake 3: DM
  • Quake 3: Team DM
  • Quake 3: Standard CTF
  • Quake 3: Threewave CTF

Sorry no rocket arena this time, but I would consider QWTF ;-)

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