Saturday, January 22, 2005

Quake 2 Competition Results

The Quake 2 competition ran smoothly, with the exception of when I accidentally paused the server in the first game, although it didn't seem to effect anyone that much (i hope). The first game was run as a free for all with the top 8 going through to the 1 on 1 knock-out rounds. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd, plus they all received certificates.

The final results were Sam (Fireslide) dominated the final over Sam (samoo) while it was a close game between Sam & Sam (spex) for 3rd place with Sam coming out on top in the end, confused? Well everyone who made the final 4 was named Sam... anyway the results of each round are below.

Finals: q2dm1
Fireslide (14) deaf. teamsam.samoo (6)
sam (16) deaf. spex (9)

Round 2: q2dm1
teamsam.samoo (11) deaf. sam (1)
Fireslide (15) deaf. spex (2)

Round 1: q2dm1
sam (20) deaf. peanutz (1)
samoo (10) deaf. woka (0)
Fireslide (20) deaf Deus(-1)
spex (10) deaf. will (4)

FFA Round: q2dm8
sam (50)
samoo (47)
spex (35)
Fireslide (35)
will (35)
Deus (30)
woka (29)
peanutz (28)
xcipher (18)
fort (14)

I hope everyone had fun and I'll see you all at the next WonderLAN. Not sure what game I'll be using for the next competition, but feel free to make suggestions on the SA Gamers forums.

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