Thursday, September 15, 2005

AAL GTR Series: Round 5

I Qualified 6th which is my best performance to date. On a sad note just before qualifying I got a call saying that my missing cat Gandalf had in fact died Saturday on Torrens road.

On the first lap I almost went into the back of Righteous at turn 2 then backed off an got swamped by Leigh McD & Boxhead. Somehow I managed to hold my position and a lap or two later Righteous spun at turn 3 which put me into 5th.

A little slide but still good

I held 5th position for a while but it wasn't easy as I had Boxhead, 9ra55h0paH & Sarsippius close behind. Then on lap 17 (18?) I had a major high speed spin going into turn 2 which put me into the sand trap and then the wall, where I waited for everyone to go past. That is what you get for putting a wheel on the grass at high speed. Then I managed to blew a tyre because I was in a rush to catch up, this sent me off the road into the sand again.

A big slide and not so good

After my pit stop to fix the car I went back out, drove a few laps and then spun off on lap 29 at turn 3 (now I know how Righteous felt). Back into the pits it was and I then drove the last 15 laps mostly by myself. You could say this wasn't the best race for me but I guess 9th isn't too bad.

Controlled drift maybe?

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