Wednesday, March 22, 2006

FishMark 06 Released ;)

At the moment it seems like the only good thing to come out of Fish Hunter is the benchmark and because of this I've made FishMark 06. FishMark 06 is just a standalone version of Fish Hunter with the game play removed.

FishMArk 06

There are currently are two versions available for download, the full version and the lite version. The full version is 100% self contained and doesn't require anything else on the computer to run, but it also weighs in at 3.55MB's. The lite version on the other hand requires that you have Shockwave 10 installed, but it's only 152KB. Both versions run from the same code base, so the end results should be the same (unless you have some weird version of shockwave installed).

Benchmark Results!

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